Nail Surgery

Not all nail conditions can be dealt with conservatively sometimes carrying out a minor operation is the appropriate way forward. Prior to any operation we will discuss with you the procedure to be carried out including advantages and possible complications, take full medical history, discuss alternatives to surgery and of course answer any questions you may have.

Allowing you to make the right choice and provide informed written consent.

The reasons for undertaking nail surgery are varied, the most common reason is infection with associated swelling and pain, in such circumstances most people wish to have the procedure carried out as soon as possible that is why we aim to carry out your procedure with in 5 working days of your initial consultation.

Post operation we ensure full follow up and only discharge you once full healing has taken place.


We charge £275 for a partial / total nail removal. this includes your procedure, a 3 week care pack, a dressing pack and follow up visits until full post operative healing has occurred.

Additional nail removal (for example both 1st toes treated during the same appointment) £450

Please call us for further details.